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We aim to give undivided attention to our customers


Through our professional staff we aim to create and offer competitive services and solutions to our customers and projects.


When addressing all the projects which we undertake we always do our research and leave no stone unturned.


We have a team of highly trained professionals who are there to attend to your problems and projects at your earliest convenience

Some of the Services We Offer
When you get right down to it, success is all about value and trust.

Web Development

Why advertise the old-fashioned way when you can advertise online? We offer the best prices for web based applications.We provide the best services at a low price.

Software and Mobile Development

We will help you transform your idea into reality ,we have the expertise to build quality-rich software and mobile apps at a competitive price

Computer Vision And Artificial Intelligence

We offer the best computer vision and artificial inteligence related systems and solutions that will make a positive impact on your business

Data Analysis and Cloud Based Solutions

We help Analyse your data and ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently.We also offer enterprise cloud based solutions that save you time and money

Web and application hosting

We provide you with the best hosting services which run 24/7 and 365 days ensuring that your applications run without interruption and your clients are able to reach you always


We provide internet of things related solutions so that you can monitor your business ,helping converge your organization’s assets, data and processes with people and business systems.

Our Story

Dreamers are destined to change the world!

Being visionaries is the reason why Transhuman Technologies became a reality. Transhuman Technologies is filled with individuals who aim to change the livelihood of everyone through the use of technology. Incorporating technology into society is what is going to make the human race indestructible, and Transhuman Technologies wants be a part of the transition. Now that the first stone has been cast we are a step closer into reaching our ultimate goal. Our goal is simple and straightforward, we choose to be different, we want to change the world and make it a better place for everyone through technology and instead of learning to be employees we are going to use what we learn to create employment and bring innovative solutions that will change the world. Like Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry, stay foolish” , we intend to introduce amazing innovations into the world.Transhuman Technologies was formed in the year 2016 and is growing bigger and becoming better everyday.

Our Company Projects
We’re in the business of big ideas and great innovations!!!!!!

On the go

Coming Soon

On the Go is a cross platform mobile application now in its development stage.This is the first of many innovations that we are bringing that will change people's lives. Keep following our website and social media platforms for more details.

Mobi Doc

The Future is now

Mobi doc is a smart application that will be used in the medical field to assist doctors. We are almost done with the planning and research stage and soon we are starting the development phase!. Keep following our website and social media platforms for more details.

Partners and Clients

Some of Our Partners And Clients

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